Micro Bubble Pump


Micro Bubble pump is a horizontally-mounted self-priming gas-liquid mixing pump series product, and the pump’s flow passage component is manufactured by means of precision casting of stainless steel material. The suction port of the gas-liquid mixing pump can inhale gas by the action of negative pressure, therefore, there is no need to use air compressor and atmospheric ejector. The high-speed rotating pump impeller mixes the liquid and gas, so there is no need to use the stirrer and mixer. The gas and liquid fully dissolved due to pressurized mixing in the pump, with a dissolution efficiency of 90-100 % . Therefore , highly soluble solution can be prepared without using a large pressurized tank or expensive reaction tower. A gas-liquid mixing pump can perform gas-liquid suction, mixing, dissolving and directly deliver the highly soluble solution to the point of use. Therefore, the use of gas-liquid mixing pump can improve the preparation efficiency of dissolved gas and liquid, simplify preparation device, save space, substantially reduce the initial investment, save operating costs and maintenance costs.


With the special mixing function of Micro Bubble Pump, the gas that is difficult to dissolve in water or two or more different liquids can be efficiently pressurized and mixed  mixing technology can greatly simplify the traditional mixing process, it not only can realize the miniaturisation of equipment, but also can save the investment cost shorten the time, force the solid to float on the water surface by the buoyancy force of the bubbles and achieve solid-liquid separation in a short time as well as any gas-liquid mixing. in addition to air, it can be used for gas-liquid mixing of other gases, such as oxygen, ozone gas and carbon gas, solid-liquid separation and various reactions.
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