Low Temperature Belt Dryers

A further reduction of the sludge weight is possible with the sludge drying, by evaporating the remaining bound water in the dewatered sludge. Sludge is dried to save sludge hauling and disposal costs, and to used as fertilizer as well as fuel.

The Low-Temperature Belt Dryers (LTD) are automatically and continuously operate and optimally suitable for energy-saving and eco-friendly drying of municipal and industrial sludge. LTD can use the heat pump or waste heat as drying heat source, the sludge heated with low-temperature heat of 80 – 100 °C for 40-60 minutes, solids contents in the dried product of 60% to 90% DS can be achieved.


  • Safety operation due to low dust generation.
  • Various supply of heat source: e.g., from natural gas, thermal oil, steam, hot water, hot oil, emission gas, and cooling water.
  • Low energy consumption, Low operation cost, and Low maintenance costs.
  • Low exhaust emission: Deodorization with scrubber and bio-filter.
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