Internal Screen

The Rotary Screen Internal feeding is a very efficient drum filter. A perforated sieve drum does the sieving with an internal screw. The drum with internal power supply is specially designed for highly efficient removal of solids from the wastewater. The whole screen is completely sealed with lids so odors can be controlled. The entire construction is in stainless steel.


Our internally fed rotary screen operates with minimal attendance. Influent enters through the inlet and flows into a headbox. The headbox fills and the influent cascades over the weirs and contacts two sides of the rotating cylinder screen. As the influent hits the turning screen, the solids are caught inside the cylinder, and the liquid passes through the screen into the processor on for further treatment. Diverters on the cylinder move the solids along the length of the screen to discharge. The unit is equipped with spray bar(s) to clean the screen.


  • Slaughterhouse, poultry, and seafood processing.
  • Fruit and vegetable processing.
  • Snack and frozen food processing.
  • Brewing and winemaking processing.
  • Chemical processing.
  • Municipal waste treatment plant.
  • Industrial waste treatment plant.


  • Triangular wedge wire screen design.
  • Overflow protection.
  • Automatic self-cleaning.
  • Low operation and less maintenance cost.
  • High durability and trouble-free service.
  • Automatic operation.