Flexible PVDF Membrane (UF Filtration)

The flexible PVDF flat membrane is suitable for MBR and immersion ultrafiltration. The non-stick property (low surface energy) of PVDF gives it better pollution resistance. We use permanent hydrophilic modification to optimize pollution resistance and flux. The CPVC molecule contains a large amount of electronegative covalent bond chlorine, which makes the material’s surface have a relatively strong negative charge, and most of the impurities in the wastewater are negatively charged, so the pollution resistance is excellent. The membrane has a waving ability from bubbles that release at the bottom of the module, which have a low air-water ratio during operation.

The unique advantages of the membrane are

  • High strength
  • Easy maintenance
  • No backwashing
  • Large flux
  • A low transmembrane pressure difference
  • Requires a small footprint
  • Low replacement cost
  • High welding strength
  • Backwash Able
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