Fine Screen (Automatic Bar Screen)

The Fine Screen (Automatic Bar Screen) is an advanced solid-liquid separation device which has been widely used in municipal wastewater treatment plant, pre-treatment device for domestic effluents, municipal rainwater & sewage pump station, water intake of water supply plant & cooling water of power plant. It can also be used for industrial wastewater treatment, such as textile, printing and dyeing, food, fisheries, paper making, brewing, slaughtering, and tanning industry. It is regarded as the ideal solid-liquid separation equipment in the water treatment field.


  • The driving device is under the drive of cycloidal pin gear speed reducer or helical gear reducer, with low noise, neat structure & stable operation.
  • Integrated framework, with good rigidity and convenient installation and maintenance.
  • Two specifications for rake tooth, pitch t=150mm for coarse screens, pitch t=100mm for fine screens.
  • Easy to operate. It can be direct or remote controlled. Mechanical shearing bolt & over-current protection are set to ensure safe running.
  • While the width of equipment over 1500mm, parallel machines are adopted to ensure the integrated strength of equipment.