Dissolved Air Flotation Unit


Dissolved air flotation is one of the most effective methods whose specific gravity is close to 1.0 from water. Dissolved Air Flotation is liquid/solid or liquid/liquid separation process to remove tiny suspended solids that density close to the water, colloid , oil and grease etc. HydroDAF is an innovation combined with traditional dissolved air flotation concept and modern technology.


  • Small footprint, lower energy consumption; easy operation and simple management
  • High efficiency of dissolved air, stable treatment effects. Electro-mechanic instruments are integrally controlled
  • This equipment’s dissolved air efficiency reaches up to 90%. But its volume is only one fifth of the ordinary dissolved air system. Moreover, it has stronger anti-clogging capability than other DAF
  • This equipment uses new type dissolved air releaser with the advantages of high releasing degree and self-cleaning functions. And the average particle size of micro bubbles is about 15~30μm
  • This equipment uses chain-plate-type skimmer with advantages of stable operation and high efficiency of scraping


  • Separate or recycle waste oil or grease in : oil exploration and refining, biodiesel, machining , food production and catering and so on.
  • High concentration organic wastewater treatment: paper, printing and dyeing, textile, leather, pharmaceutical, fermentation wastewater and so on.
  • Biochemical effluent liquid separation: the anaerobic effluent solid-liquid separation, aerobic (activated sludge process, contact oxidation, filter) biochemical water solid-liquid separation, the secondary settling tank Effluent treatment and so on.
  • Farm and slaughter house wastewater treatment: cattle, pigs, chickens farm, slaughter house wastewater.
  • Manufacturing waste: electroplating, painting, etc.
  • Purification: river, landscape, recycle water.
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