Belt Press

Belt Filter Presses use filter belts (typically polyester) are intended for mechanical dewatering of wastewater sludge and also of the water conditioning sludge and the industrial slurries. Belt filter presses are used overall at the wastewater treatment plants due to its high productivity and reliability.

Typically, dewatered sludge of wastewater treatment plants after belt filter press reaches about 18-25% cake solids under receives a slurry ranging from 0.8- 4% feed solids, and an average polymer dose 2-3,5 kg/t of the sludge dry matter. Performance depends on the nature of the solids being processed.


  • Continuous operation, large capacity, low power consumption and low noise which can make a good environment.
  • Main drive and its speed regulation mode: frequency conversion speed regulation.
  • Reasonable gas path design and high quality pneumatic components ensure the stable operation of equipment and reduce maintenance costs.
  • In the gravity dewatering area, adjustable sludge ploughs are installed, and the gravity dewathering time is long, which destroys the surface tension of the sludge and improves the gravity dewatering effect.
  • To provide users with perfect process guarantee, according to the requirements of users, we can provide sludge test, filter type selection, system debugging and other services.
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