Automatic Polymer Preparation Unit


Flocculation is an essential stage in the treatment of sludge coming from municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants. In these processes, polymeric flocculating agents are used to enhance the treatability of the sludge. Flocculants, with their very high molecular weights (long chains of monomers) and their different ionic charge, mixed with water and fix the destabilized particles on their chain. Therefore, the particle size in the aqueous phase will increase throughout the flocculation step with the formation of flocs. The structure of flocs induces a release of the water. This water will thus be easily eliminated during the thickening and dewatering step. Flocculants are also used for other industrial solid-liquid separation applications, such as in chemical industries, petrochemical plants, pulp and paw plants, food industries and others. With many years of successful experience in water and wastewater treatment industries, Hydro System Supply has developed polymer make-up and dosing plants which adapted to the above-mentioned processes. A combination of three tanks contributes to the continuous and automatic preparation process, easy operation, convenient maintenance, thus the significant reduction of labor cost.


  • The standard plant is designed for dry polymers, to handle liquid type polymers is optional.
  • Liquid solubility can be easily adjusted according to the actual demand (generally 0.05% – 0.3%). By changing the speed of the metering screw, the feed rate can be easily adjusted, and then the desired concentration can be achieved.
  • All operations are performed via a control panel keeping the feeding hopper field with a polymer is only required manual labor for fully auto continuous operations of the system.
  • Large silos and dry material feeding components also can be supplied.
  • It is equipped with automatic intermittent stop and cross-mixing standby time, which always keep the chemical solutions ready for usage.
  • PLC and graphics display control cabinet are optional to obtain more comfortable operation.
  • Material: SS 304, polypropylene (PP) material and SS 316L can also be adopted.
  • Auto protection and alarm function are equipped, the operation is safe and reliable.